Technical Support Engineer

Focus and Intent of the Position:

The Technical Support Engineer acts as a customer advocate, providing best in class technical support for Draker’s software, hardware and service product lines.  The successful applicant will be thorough, creative and provide professional guidance on technical issues for our clients. The TSE also acts as a senior resource for other members of the Technical Support Team, or other Draker teams, when needed.


Engage with Customer/Customer Advocate

  • Help customers use software effectively through training and advice
  • Understand how the customer uses the product. How can we improve it?
  • Engage in continuous learning re: industry
  • Support the customer through migration of their projects from existing platform
  • Create a positive customer community
  • Develop and maintain relationships with customer admins
  • Maintain a high-level awareness of other issues impacting customer (cases, opportunities, etc.)

Troubleshoot a Wide Range of Technical Issues for our Clients

  • Respond to, and satisfy, customer service requests in a timely and effective manner by phone and email
  • Configure our data monitoring systems for hybrid and non-standard applications
  • Develop and deliver training sessions for DAS installers in office at on-site
  • Troubleshoot problems with DAS remotely and (on rare occasions) in the field
  • Document customer issues and solutions in our instance of
  • Work closely with field technicians to commission solar PV monitoring systems
  • Collaborate with other teams as needed

Job Requirements:

The ideal Technical Support Engineer has:

  • Customer service as a first priority
  • Associates or Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or related field (BSEE preferred), or equivalent experience
  • Expert knowledge of SCADA systems, simple and complex computer networking, programming, electrical engineering, software and hardware
  • Enjoys working with our customers and the Draker team to solve technical issues
  • 2-5 years of experience providing technical support
  • Flexibility with schedule:  may be required to work non-standard shifts (9:30 -6:30 ), and 1-3 hours on some weekends
  • Excellent verbal, written and analytical skills
  • Experience with Electronics, Data Acquisition systems, Communications equipment, simple computer programming.
  • Skills in the following areas: Operating Systems (Linux, Windows), SCADA, Modbus, Programing (C, Bash),, Computer Hardware, Embedded Systems,
  • A sense of humor

Reports to:

Technical Support Manager

For additional information or to submit your resume, please email