March 16, 2017

Power Limitation and Zero Power Injection: Product Brief: Z-PPC

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An increasing number of commercial installations use PV generation to offset their energy usage, provide corporate environmental stewardship and save money. At the same time grid operators need to maintain a reliable, secure supply of electricity to existing customers. Export power limitation schemes serve exactly these two needs, requiring a maximum power export from the installation to the grid. Power Limitation may be specified as “Zero Power Injection” or “Export Limitation”: Zero Power Injection indicates that the customer is not allowed to inject any active power to the grid. Export Limitation is a limit on the amount of power the customer can export to the grid. Both mandates come with strict requirements in timing and accuracy.

Z-PPC satisfies Power Limitation requirements for the most rigorous grid, using the plant inverters and meters/relays, providing near real-time capabilities for plant active power control. With advanced Power Limitation schemes, the EPC and Plant owner may benefit by installing larger PV systems, simplifying design while optimizing the array to meet the needs of the customer - not only the stringent demands of the utility. Zero Power Injection has strict timing requirements with the system either not allowed to export at any time or ensure the zero export level with a 2-5 seconds deviation response time.

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