Supervisory Control for Commercial & Utility Projects

SCADA solutions to meet your unique requirements

By integrating control functionality with our monitoring platforms, Draker delivers a turnkey solution to meet site-specific requirements for grid integration and control of PV systems.

Whether serving the remote-disconnect requirements now needed in systems under 1MW or providing cost-effective and integrated data acquisition and supervisory control units for power conditioning and control requirements of utility-scale sites, our tiered offerings can build control functionality to address compliance requirements of various degrees of complexity.

Plant and utility operators are able to manually or automatically control the interactions between PV systems and the utility grid.

Draker’s PV control functionality enables our standard data acquisition base stations and our innovative technology to become data concentrators and intelligent devices that deliver environmental and energy generation data to central SCADA platforms and utility historians.

Collaborate with our engineering team to design a complete SCADA solution that includes energy meters, weather stations, DC monitors, site controllers, and a wide range of network topologies (Ethernet, RS-485, Wireless and Fiber). Draker networks support common devices and protocols including DNP3 and Modbus. 

Draker offers a flexible, scalable solution that can adapt to the needs of each large commercial and utility-scale project requiring SCADA.