California Independent System Operator Solutions

CAISO compliant remote intelligent gateway (RIG) and weather stations

To assist in gaining and maintaining approval to connect to the grid and sell electric power in California, Draker and Inaccess are pleased to offer a revamped, comprehensive CAISO solution. From a quick consultation to kick off the New Resource Integration (NRI) process to regular meter testing, Draker and our industry leading partners will guide you through every step of the process.

Draker and our partners have completed and delivered RIGS on a variety of wind and solar projects, ensuring they meet CAISO’s requirements for revenue metering and real-time data telemetry within the schedule defined by the NRI process.

Draker is listed as a CAISO RIG Third Party Engineering Firm.

Our Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) and weather stations are approved to meet California Independent System Operator (CAISO) standards for meteorological data accuracy, data processing, data communications and network security.

As an approved Third Party Engineering Firm we are fully qualified to provide the design, integration and commissioning services required to bring its RIG online and comply with CAISO Eligible Intermittent Resource Protocol (EIRP) communications requirements.

Hiring a single contractor to handle the entire SCADA, metering, telemetry and networking requirements can lead to faster commissioning and puts the accountability on us.

Draker leads the market with both SSL SHA2 encryption and Dispensive Network Technology. From setting the deadband on DNP3 to developing more intelligent alarms on the New Draker V7 Software platform, Draker’s roots as a technology company will allow you to meet project schedules and maximize performance throughout the life cycle of the project. 

Concurrent with our RIG and weather station certifications, Draker has also been placed on CAISO’s list of RIG Third Party Engineering Firms. This listing indicates that we are fully qualified to provide the hardware, software, design and integration services required to bring our RIG online and comply with CAISO EIRP communications requirements.