About Draker

Draker, a BlueNRGY Group company, is now together with Inaccess and delivering the industry’s most robust solar performance and asset management solutions.  Maximize and control the efficiency and profitability of your PV systems and portfolio and discover other BlueNRGY support and service capabilities tailored for asset owners and managers.

We Know the Business of Solar.

Draker’s monitoring, management and control solutions help a wide range of solar industry professionals obtain maximum benefits from their PV projects.

PROJECT DEVELOPERS AND PROJECT FINANCIERS lower their risks and improve their returns with Draker solutions. ​​With our commercial and utility monitoring and control packages, investors and financiers benefit in the following ways:

Lower Project Risk

Lower project risk with more accurate resource assessments for potential project sites and probability-weighted models of expected energy generation

Access Better Data

Get complete, accurate and on-time performance data across their project portfolios

Make ROI-based maintenance and repair decisions

Make ROI-based maintenance and repair decisions by understanding lost revenue associated with downtime at a site and across a portfolio 

Downloadable prepared and custom reports 

Get easy access to downloadable prepared and custom reports on revenue generated on each project and across their project portfolio

OPERATORS of solar PV sites lower their operating costs and improve the revenue generated from their solar assets with Draker PV Commercial and Draker PV Utility packages. Draker's operator customers benefit in the following ways:

Identify instances of underperformance

Identify instances of underperformance by comparing projected energy production to actual

Quickly troubleshoot

Quickly troubleshoot underperformance issues, improving time to resolution

Prioritize alarms

Prioritize alarms and instances of underperformance across a site or portfolio to ensure highest priority issues are addressed first

INSTALLERS AND INTEGRATORS deliver systems that meet contractual requirements quickly and cost-efficiently with Draker's field-proven hardware and project-based services. During project design and construction, integrators and installers benefit from Draker solutions in the following ways:

ensure that the monitoring system is designed properly

Reduce mistakes and ensure that the monitoring system is designed properly with schematic diagram reviews by Draker staff

Ensure Effective Communication

Ensure that the monitoring system will communicate effectively and efficiently with network design by Draker staff

Save time and money in the field

Save time and money in the field with fully-configured and factory tested hardware and monitoring system installation and commissioning oversight by the Draker Team.

DRAKER PARTNERS are PV experts and ensure you have the best project solutions.

Draker and Inaccess have come together to provide innovative centralized management solutions and renewable energy and telecom infrastructures globally. Together, we can support you in the design, development and implementation of remote monitoring and control solutions for renewable energy through our Vendor Independent Solar Plan Monitoring System.

About BlueNRGY

BlueNRGY Group Limited, established in 1989, is a leader in engineered solutions for the management of distributed power generation and climate control/energy efficiency systems. Its data collection and management solutions, provided by its Draker Corp subsidiary, are deployed worldwide and are relied upon by system owners, financial institutions, utilities, government bodies and component manufacturers to deliver mission-critical information. With regional headquarters in Australia, the USA and Europe, BlueNRGY and Draker are positioned to serve customer operations globally. 

Draker Partners and Associations

Draker is a proud partner of INACCESS
Draker is a proud partner of NREL
Draker Partner Huff Communications
Renewable Energy Intel Group
Draker is a proud member of SEPA
Draker Partner of CALSSA
Draker is a proud member of Sunspec Alliance
Draker is a proud member of Vermont Technology Alliance
Draker is a proud member of Renewable Energy Vermont