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Meet the Draker Team

Software Success Team

At Draker, we hear you. The purpose of Draker’s Software Success Team is to ensure a successful experience with our software. The team configures and deploys monitoring sites and public view websites, sets up email reports, and performs incentive reporting. In addition, they provide software training and advocacy for customer needs through feature requests and bug reports. As the company’s software subject matter experts, the team also tests new software features and creates software documentation. If you have a software questions or needs, you can contact the entire team at web.production@drakerenergy.com or contact a team member directly.

Alicia Fisk, Software Success Manager
Alicia Fisk
Software Success Manager

Alicia has worked with Draker for over seven years, first in web production and technical support, then as training manager, and now leading the Software Success team. She has designed and led both live and webinar-based trainings on a variety of topics for Draker customers, chased down software bugs, and created documentation. She was a member of the Orange Button O&M working group on open data standards. 

Prior to joining Draker, she was a high school arts and technology educator and a nonprofit manager in Vermont, Pittsburgh, and New York City.

Cathy Janvier, Senior Software Solutions Architect
Cathy Janvier
Senior Software Solutions Architect
Beta Team/Canada, Midwest, and Japan

Cathy is originally from Quebec. She came to Draker in 2011 with a diverse set of professional experiences and education. Her initial work responsibilities were PBI/SREC reporting and public view website design, but she quickly gained industry knowledge and expertise rolling out monitoring websites and analyzing data. Next, she transferred to the Tech Support team where she got the chance to learn more about hardware, wiring and networks. While troubleshooting software and data quality issues remained her forté, in December 2014 she joined the then newly structured Software Success Team where she continues to contribute and thrive. 

Sonia Johnson, Software Solutions Architect
Sonia Johnson
Software Solutions Architect
Alpha Team/Eastern US

After almost 15 years working in a research and development engineering role for the gas turbine engine industry in Montreal, Canada, Sonia is pleased to be able to apply her skills to the solar industry. She holds a bachelor degree from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal and a business certificate from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Montreal. Living in Vermont now for the past 4 years, she is excited to have an active part in helping to increase the renewable energy foothold and decrease our dependency on oil products. 

When not in the office, she can usually be found on her bike exploring the back roads of Vermont or exploring the backcountry on her skis.

Mary Hunt, Software Solutions and Incentive Reporting Coordinator
Mary Hunt
Software Solutions and Incentive Reporting Coordinator
Gamma Team/Western US, Australia

Mary was joined the Software Success Team as the Incentive Reporting Coordinator in early 2017.  Her role and her title subsequently expanded as she added support for customers primarily on the West Coast and in Australia to her responsibilities.  

A native of Alabama, Mary earned a bachelor's degree in mathematics and psychology from Troy State University.  Her work experience includes institutional research for a SUNY community college and various roles in non-educational nonprofit settings. Mary is a full-time telecommuter from the Great Plains town of Martin, South Dakota.

She is proud to put her skills to work in the solar industry and contribute to a better world.