Draker V7 Software

Easily Manage and Analyze Data to Gain Insights to Drive Decisions

You need a proven solution that continuously evolves to meet your users’ needs. Your system operators and asset managers need data to collect, organize, and present performance data and identify risks to your energy production. With Draker V7 Software, you'll have an intuitive platform providing actionable intelligence to enable you to manage effectively and troubleshoot efficiently.

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Draker V7 Software

Gain Visibility Into the Health and Performance of Your PV Assets


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Dashboard Overviews

Quick, at-a-glance summary information on your portfolio performance and areas putting your output at risk and needing attention.


Drill Down Icon.jpg

Drill-Down Capabilities

Take a deeper dive into reports and charts to gather specific details about your performance information. 

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Responsive, Mobile-friendly Design

Access your performance data on your preferred devices. Check your performance anytime, anywhere and always stay on top of what's important across all your projects.

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Weather Overlays

Know what's going on at your site in real time.


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A Custom Charting Engine

Build and save charts specific to your interests and the information you care about most.

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A Flexible Reporting Engine

Quickly create and save reports based on key data points and specific time periods.

Simplify Troubleshooting From a Single Dashboard to Resolve Performance Issues Efficiently


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Advanced Alarms

Get immediate warning of interruptions and risks to your production. Quickly drill down by component and severity and gain insights to prioritize resolutions and resources. 


Heat Map Icon.jpg

Inverter Heat Maps

Zero-in on which devices need attention through a heat map feature which identifies specifically where a performance risk is stemming from.


Control Icon.jpg

Remote On/Off Control 

Power-cycle inverters and other system components from any location to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve issues without having to deploy a maintenance team.

"The Draker monitoring platform provides everything we need in terms of remote monitoring for properly operating and maintaining the Aqua PV plant. We are very pleased with the support we received and the professionalism of the Draker staff. I look forward to using the Draker system on future PV projects."

-Richard Holz, Director of Engineering at Conergy