Public View Website

Engage Viewers and Share Your Impact

Share your energy savings and educate the public about solar energy by showcasing your PV installation with a dynamic Public View Website customized for your project. These engaging sites are designed for display in building lobbies and high traffic areas and serve as an excellent marketing or educational tool. A public view website can fulfill the educational requirements for your PV project. Share your project experience with your community through a scrolling slideshow of your project photos, animated schematics and local weather display.

Present the Energy Production of Your Projects

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Share Environmental Equivalents and Pollutant Offsets to Demonstrate the Impact of Your Projects

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Display Projected and Actual Performance Results

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Sample Public View Websites

The Nation’s Largest Roof-Mounted Solar-Electric 4.26 megawatt System has been installed on a seventeen-acre rooftop located in Edison, NJ. The system will produce over 5 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, enough to meet over half of the electrical-power needs of the building’s seventeen commercial tenants, including a large refrigerated frozen warehouse, each of which will purchase electricity from the system at a discounted rate.


Avidan Energy Services Draker Public View Website

We think the sun is great for a lot of things. Like warmth and tan lines. But it’s also an incredible source of renewable energy. So, IKEA Canada has outfitted three of their Ontario rooftops with solar panels. 3,790 panels to be exact. 



Ikea Draker Public View Website

This site is host to one of the many solar photovaltaic energy systems held by Fovere Glenbarra Energy Funds. The roof-top system, built by GEMCO Solar Inc. of Mississauga, ON is comprised of 1,248 modules sized at 250 kW AC. Approximately, 80 tonnes of Green House Gasses will be avoided annually. 

Gemco Solar Inc. Draker Public View Website