Power Limitation

Power Limitation and Zero Power Injection

Power Limitation and Zero Power Injection mandates come with strict requirements in timing and accuracy. Draker's Z-PPC offering (in partnership with Inaccess) satisfies Power Limitation requirements for the most rigorous grid, providing near real-time capabilities for plan active power control. 


Draker Power Limitation

Ensure Your Output Levels Comply With Timing Requirements

Power Limitation may be specified as “Zero Power Injection” or “Export Limitation.” 

Zero Power Injection indicates that the customer is not allowed to inject any active power to the grid. Zero Power Injection has strict timing requirements we can ensure you comply with.  

Export Limitation is a limit on the amount of power the customer can export to the grid. With advanced Power Limitation Schemes, EPCs and plant owners may benefit from installing larger PV systems, simplifying design while optimizing the array to meet the needs of the customer – not only the stringent demands of the utility. 


Use Draker Export Power Limitation Schemes to Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Save Money

Offset Energy Usage

Provide corporate environmental stewardship

Maintain reliable & secure electricity supply to customers

Using intelligent closed-loop control schemes coupled with advanced zero-export feed-forward algorithms and individual inverter control, the Z-PPC is able to ensure that the power limit is not exceeded while maximizing the PV generation up to the allowable limits.


Z-PPC is a fully integrated system, supporting data acquisition and control of all PV plant components and loads, in a protocol-agnostic manner.

The Z-PPC is interoperable with Inaccess Centralized monitoring system, offering extended monitoring, visualization, and reporting for both generation and consumption.